What Am I Doing Now?

Over the course of the last 3 years, I’ve written 5 books and self-published 4 of them. The ones I published I did so because they were nonfiction works on my family made to be gifts to my family. I have left them available for purchase as others have enjoyed reading them as well.

The last remaining of those 5 books is a work of fiction. It is the first novel I have completed, and am currently in the final edit stages. The book is out for beta reading as I work to perfect my pitches, queries, and everything in between. I hope to start pitching my novel to agencies as early as March, kickstarted with #pitmad event happening on twitter.

I have written half of my next novel, the first in a series, and I plan to finish the first draft while I begin my pitching for my first novel. My goals for 2021 include finishing the first 3 or 4 drafts of the new novel, sending queries to 100 agencies, and add a few more short stories to my collection on commaful.com @laurastephens , while I study through all of the writers on Master Class.

Published by Laura Stephens

Fiction writer that dabbles a little in everything-- from adventure to mystery, and from novels to poetry. I have published four works of non-fiction (A Girl and Her Series) available on Amazon.

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